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Confused Hearts Soft Neon Glow - Threaded with Love - ManhattanNeons

Confused Hearts Soft Neon Glow - Staying Connected

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Introducing the "Confused Hearts Soft Neon Glow - Staying Connected," a captivating neon sign that artfully embodies the complexities and beauty of love through its intricate design and soft, ambient lighting. This unique piece serves not only as a source of light but also as a symbolic representation of the intertwined nature of relationships, making it a profound addition to any space seeking depth and warmth.

At the heart of this mesmerizing sign are multiple hearts, each varying in size and intertwined with one another, symbolizing the interconnectedness and sometimes confusing nature of love. The design showcases a delicate effect, with lines of light weaving in and out, connecting each heart to another—a visual metaphor for the way our lives and loves are interwoven.

Crafted with precision, the "Confused Hearts Soft Neon Glow - Staying Connected" utilizes high-quality LED Neon tubing to create its enchanting illumination. The soft glow emitted by the neon lights is carefully chosen to evoke a sense of comfort and romance, casting a gentle light that transforms any room into a cozy haven of love.

Mounted on a clear acrylic backing, the sign appears to float against the wall upon which it's hung, enhancing the ethereal quality of the artwork. The careful crafting ensures that the complex design remains visually striking, drawing in the eye and inviting contemplation about the nature of love itself.

Perfect for adding a touch of romance to your bedroom, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in your living area, or giving as a thoughtful gift to someone special, the "Confused Hearts Soft Neon Glow - Staying Connected" is more than just a neon sign; it's a piece of art that celebrates the beauty and intricacy of human connections.

Installation is made simple with the included kit, allowing you to easily bring the soft, glowing embrace of love into your space.

Package Includes:

1 x Neon Sign

1 x Power Adapter with cord

1 x Dimmer

Hanging Kit

Dimensions: 40x8" Inches

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ManhattanNeons Custom LED Signs are handmade with attention to detail. We take care of each and every neon sign.


Our custom neon signs are safe to use and durable. They can last upto 50000 hours span.

Eco friendly

Our neon lights are eco friendly and free on any noise or hazardous material. You can use them in your rooms as well.

1 year Warranty

We offer 1 year warranty on all our neon signs. We care for all our customers to have a happy experience


Your package will includine the following

1. Custom Neon Sign
2. Power Adapter with plug
3. Dimmer Remote
4. Hanging Kit (Screws)

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